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Drift Hunters 2

Status: In Development

Drift Hunters 2 is the sequel to the mobile drift racing game Drift Hunters. The game is currently under development. An absolutely new physics model of cars. New level of graphics. New gameplay, dozens of drift challenges at different locations, where players will break records, collecting drift points by fast technical drifting, following a trajectory marked with collectable clipping points. The game is planned to have a lot of performance and visual tuning of cars, replaceable car body elements, painting, liveries. Also, the game is planned to have multiplayer, where players will be able to compete with each other in real-time drifting in free driving mode. In addition, a delayed multiplayer is planned, where players can compete with each others "ghosts" in drift pursuit.

StatusIn development
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Tagscar, cars, drift, Driving, simulator, tuning